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This dives deeper than the short videos

virtual events

It seems like gathering just isn't possible these days--but fear not, that doesn't mean you can’t have a party with all your closest friends and family. Heck, invite your acquaintances too! In fact, anyone can come. No, this isn't a zoom party-- its a custom virtual experience!




If you have a special event such as a birthday, graduation, anniversary, bachelorette, baby shower and you want to make the guest of honor feel the love, then give them the gift of a virtual party experience. You create the invite list and request a special video message from all who are “invited”. Tell the “guests” to email us their video message and we will edit them together to create a memorable and touching video.

If you want to really go over the top, you can add a theme to the experience. Let's say your daughter is a huge Harry Potter fan and a magical birthday party would make her laugh-- well we will put our creative talents to work and craft the ultimate Harry Potter cinematic birthday experience. You bring the guests, they bring the love, and we bring the entertainment. On the day of the party, you just kick back and enjoy a minute ride of laughs, tears, and joy with your loved one!

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