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When I say we, I mean me, my camera, my stabilizer, and my Adobe suite—the crew! ​

People tend to think that video production is going to be a big huge expense for their business—because for the most part that is true. Video production can be expensive. But we operate differently than most video production companies. Here's how!


3 pillars of low budget

creative marketing

Check out our work to see

how we do things on a Small business Budget!

low budget film reel

Instead of expending time and money into expensive scripted advertisements, you can utilize our documentary style of asset collecting. We will get killer shots of your brand at work by filming your business when its already in action! We film your special events, your creation process, a day in the life, or anything we can come up with to show what makes you you. The footage we get through this process shows the real connection between your consumer and your business--which is sure to increase ad engagement and save you money.

1. Documentary Asset Collection

2. Animation 

Unfortunately, documentary asset collection won't work for everyone. So if

you live outside of our filming range, or you need to promote something before you can collect footage of it, or maybe your story is just too out of this world to be told in this physical realm--animation will be your new best friend! The advantage of animation is that it can tell any story at any time. Many high budget companies are starting to reap the benefits of illustrations and animations for their marketing. If you look around, you'll start to notice it everywhere--online, in magazines, on television!

3. GetTing Creative 

The third and final pillar of low budget creative marketing is, you guessed it, getting creative! In the 3 years we’ve been doing this, we’ve completed hundreds of projects— and most of those projects have been on a $0 budget. That's right, besides the labor cost, not a penny was spent on locations, lighting, actors, outside crew, equipment rental, or props. So we're used to getting creative!

How we save you money

so you can make it rain


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